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The film EXPLOSION is being shown in North America, producer Ma Xue analyzes the situation of Chinese and foreign cultural industries

Image result for The film EXPLOSION is being shown in North America, producer Ma Xue analyzes the situation of Chinese and foreign cultural industries
Ma Xue, born in 1980 in Beijing, graduated from Peking University with a dual degree in Korean and Art and received a master degree in Public Opinion Information from Seoul National University. In addition to titles like movie producer, film and television program planner, entrepreneur, senior entertainment critic, South Korean entertainment expert, columnist and program designer, she is also the television department judge of Magnolia Award of Shanghai Television Festival and director of Asian Pacific Film Festival. Besides, she was also the producer of several variety shows, invested and produced many movies and now she is the president of Star Century Pictures Co., Ltd.

Q: Recently, the movie invested by your company, “EXPLOSION”, will be released at cinemas in North America while another 3D fantasy film, “the Thousand Faces of Dunjia”, will be on show in America in December; moreover, “RuYingSuiXin” also will be debuted in 2018. From the cast only, these works can be considered pioneers. So, what knack do you have when choosing projects or themes of movies? Would you take the industry trend into consideration?

A: This year, two films that we invested get into the US and win the favor of American distributors and will be simultaneously released in 30 cities including New York, Washington and Seattle, which is really something to celebrate for Chinese movies. It also indicates that Chinese movies also have a chance to gain access to international market, which also reflects our investment principle and standard. I always think that culture needs to be cultivated and hatched. As one of the co-producers of “EXPLOSION”, “the Thousand Faces of Dunjia” and “RuYingSuiXin”, I believe that our investment and production are supported by our accumulated experience in this industry, our company’s one-year preparation, as well as the understanding and support from investors and other partners. You have to have good eyes to discover a good project and take it with your strength. The reason why we can get these three movies is because of our potential and feasibility as a partner. In spite of the fickle creative atmosphere and impatient investment climate, it is content and quality that are the only way out. The blind pursuit of market trend is never the key to the survival in film-making and investment field.
Image result for The film EXPLOSION is being shown in North America, producer Ma Xue analyzes the situation of Chinese and foreign cultural industries
Q: In 2016, you were awarded “Cultural Exchange Award” granted by minister of Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Korea, which is a recognition for excellent works in cultural industry and organizations and individuals with great contributions to the development of film and television industry. As the first Chinese who won this award and also the only post-80s among all the winners, what’s the impact on your career after you won this award?

A: I could feel people’s desire for diversified entertainment products and entertainment stars under marketization operation, which is possibly related to my rich and solid experience in artists managing, records, commercial performances, variety shows, movie and television production and copyright in recent years.

Taking a look at the recent years’ rapid development of the entertainment industry in China, from the introduction fever of film and television IP to the rush of variety show copyrights, we didn’t choose the shortcuts of “copying” the existing mature content from overseas but adhered to the forefront of developing Chinese superior original contents.

Aside from contributing to the cultural communication among countries, I want to use what I have learned, taking advantage of the current situation of Chinese cultural development to create more advanced, preferable and superior development model and inject new blood to China’s entertainment culture industry.

Q: You have made outstanding contributions to the cultural exchange between China and South Korea and you brought Korean wave into China with your vision. This time the films you produced will be released in America; does this mean you are going to dedicate to improving the communications between China and America?

A: Yes. Thanks to the favor from overseas distributor, two of our invested films managed to land in the overseas market, which is great news to Chinese literary and art professionals and also a trigger for cultural exchanges between China and America. Some excellent variety shows have been produced since 2016, such as seasonal programs of “Running Man” and “Dad, Where Are We Going”. Our team made the reality show “With You All the Way” independently. We engaged a Korean team with years of experience in reality show and outsourced the content customization, production and execution in order to avoid the weakness of foreign teams’ maladjustment due to cultural differences. Besides, the copyright of “With You All the Way” has already been sold to an American company. Additionally, we also invested in a Hollywood movie being produced by an American production company. It is still under production at this stage, therefore I can’t talk too much about it due to business sensitivity. Meanwhile, we’ve also purchased the copyright of an American movie, to reproduce a Chinese movie based on it. Another animation film is also under the preparation and we’ve invited Hollywood team to help with the production. We will seek for more and better cooperation opportunities in film and television programs. Furthermore, we will also have various collaborations with American peers in scripts, copyright import, and production. We also have plans to invest in good films and TV shows produced by American production companies. I expect to introduce more Chinese cultural products to the world, as well as bring excellent foreign cultures into China.

It is reported that Ma Xue and her team are preparing a high-quality film IP, which is expected to start shooting in mid-2018.

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