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8 Regrettable Makeup Buying Mistakes To Avoid

One of the leading industries in today’s world is makeup and cosmetics – and why not? We love makeup to the point of obsession, no matter how much you have it’s never enough, is it?
Makeup concoctions come in all shapes and sizes, there are hundreds of products and thousands of types, so how would you know what to buy and what not to buy? There are many mistakes women do while buying makeup and they only realize it when they are home testing their newly bought makeup.
Here are some common mistakes to avoid while you spend hundreds to buy your new batch of makeup as suggested by best makeup brands.
  1. Testing
The worst thing you can do is to test that tester lipstick on your lips directly.Have you any idea how many lips that one stick has served. It’s a very unhygienic practice.
  1. Not Bothering to Test
Most of the time we don’t bother to check what the product would feel like once it’s applied to our skin, a packed tube can’t possible tell you how the formula would smell, feel, and react to your face.
  1. Skin Type
Most people are blissfully unaware of their skin type; hence they buy what’s popular and trending rather than buying according to their skin type. Dry skin needs more moisture, oily skin needs oil control formula and such. Know your skin to get the best makeup brands products, hence to get the best look.
  1. Buying Only Because “Oh, The Color Is Pretty”
That’s a huge mistake. We know that unique or your favorite colors attract you, that’s good, but does that color suit your skin color too? That’s the million-dollar question isn’t it? Test and check if it suits you as much as it attracts you.
  1. Testing Foundation on Your Hand
Most common mistake. Our skin color varies from one part to other so, it might be lighter on the face than on the Hands. That’s why testing a foundation on your hand is absolutely fruitless.You will end up buying the wrong shade and regret later. It’s better to test the shade on your jaw or neck to get the best matched color.
  1. Letting Orders Decide for You
Even if you are a novice, you know your skin better than others.So, it’s better to decide for yourself and learn than be dependent on others for your whole life. The makeup lady or online support doesn’t know how little or much you sweat, nor does she know how oily or dry your skin can get. It’s always better to buy thing you know would suit you than trusting someone else.
  1. All Brands Have Same Color
A big no to this one. If you are using beige foundation of one brand, that doesn’t mean the beige of another brand will also suit you. All brands have different color coding. It’s always better to test or see carefully before you buy.
  1. If It Looks Good on Her, It Will Look Good On Me
This formula doesn’t always work. Like the color of skin varies from person to person, so does makeup colors. If red suits her, maybe it will look too loud on you. If she wears matte, may be that would be too subtle for you.
There are many other mistakes that we make while buying makeup. The best way to avoid these and other makeup mistakes is to know your skin type and undertone of the skin. Knowing this will help you choose better from best makeup brands

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