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Sauerkraut Kvass

Our raw sauerkraut juice - KVASS - is an incredibly delicious and nutritious tonic that can benefit your body in a number of ways. Sauerkraut Kvass is a new creative take on a relatively well-known beet kvass, another lacto-fermented probiotic-rich drink that has gained in popularity in the past few years due to its distinctive flavor and the great nutritional density that it so readily provides. Sauerkraut kvass offers all of the same plus the absolutely delicious flavor and the additional health benefits gained by organic kvass using the vitamins-rich cabbage in the recipe.

All our fermented foods are produced using a natural, centuries-old process and all organic ingredients. With nothing more to our ingredient list than organic vegetable, water, sea salt and Himalayan salt, the vegetables are allowed to develop and maintain more of the probiotic cultures that are so essential to our digestion, immune system and overall health.

Often referred to as "superfood", fermented sauerkraut and kvass are a recognized and highly valuable source of live probiotics and enzymes that have a strong beneficial impact on your allergies and your immune system strength. As Dr. Mercola pointed out in his article in the new York Times, 1 ounce of fermented sauerkraut has 5 trillion of live beneficial bacteria. That's more than you will find in 60 probiotic supplement pills!

Drink a small shot of our artisanal organic kvass sauerkraut juice every day to ensure that your intestinal flora is always in good balance. Additionally, you can use it in any recipe that requires the use of vinegar or lemon juice from salad dressings to soups. The zesty flavor of the kvass will enhance the taste of any marinade as well or try the Spicy Kvass in your next Martini for an uncommon cocktail that can win over even the hardest skeptic.

With Hamptons Brine products, you can always be sure that you are getting the top-quality organic ingredients that have gone through an absolutely natural fermenting process - and our Sauerkraut Kvass is certainly no exception. You will enjoy all the benefits provided by a lacto-fermented probiotic-rich food while the delicious taste will leave you wondering why you never had this before! Try the Hamptons Brine Raw Sauerkraut Kvass for a fast and delicious way to increase both your nutrition and your pleasure in one shot!

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