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Productivity Advice Hacks for Tech Addicts

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The majority of us are technology addicts, unknowingly. You may not know the level of your tech addiction till you attempt to steer clear of tech. Just keep off from the tech gadgets and the internet for an hour, a day, or even a week. Disconnect and unplug then see what come about. If you struggle to do it, or you can’t do it, or you are simply a tech addict and these advice will help your productivity.

Deactivate the Alerts and Notifications

The majority of us can relate to the amusement we feel that instant a notification tone alert comes in. We get the sound and we automatically rush to our mobiles -- somebody must have messaged us… and we all feel really important. Regrettably, not many of those notifications add much to the outcome; rather, they are sometimes exceptionally draining and only end up making us less attentive and more unfocussed. Actually, research has linked the brain chemical dopamine to our nearly uncontrolled instinctive reaction of instantly finding our mobiles once we hear alerts and notifications. Regrettably, the more we get and react to these alerts, the more dopamine is released -- creating a sort of reinforcement that’s difficult to break free of.

The solution is easy: deactivate all alerts as well as notifications. It’s possible to make exceptions to certain individuals, but you most certainly don’t have to respond to all notifications you receive the moment you get them. Rather, block out a certain time of the day. It may be broken up into slots -- does not necessarily need to be once in the day, according on the nature of your job, through which you go through the alerts.

Get disciplined With Email Inbox

Do you know there is what they call “Email Addiction”? Unluckily, most tech enthusiasts can also be email addicts. It’s easy to spend hours refreshing your inbox awaiting that “significant” message to come. Break from it! No important message is coming -- and if it does, you don’t have to react to it instantly. It will still remain there when you come back to your inbox later in the day. Actually, study has found a connection between email addiction and workers’ productivity, attentiveness and efficacy -- and email addiction has been demonstrated to lead to tasks taking longer time to complete.

Thus, how do you tame your email inbox? Here are a few tips:

· Realize you do not need to react to all mails immediately or even to all emails at all -- having this mind-set is the most important.

· Do your main activities for the day prior to checking your email. This is sometimes difficult; but it may be immensely effective for increasing productivity.

· Unsubscribe from all of unnecessary newsletters. This is possible through the use of to make a list of all your subscription emails in one spot and decide which to keep and which to unsubscribe from.

Using a VPN to Securely Get More Done on the Go

If you’re a remote worker, or if your company lets you to do work related tasks on their server outside work hours, utilizing a VPN is just another tech hack which may boost productivity and save you time. You are able to securely catch up on work during your commute, in the coffee shop or at other public places -- in other words, the time you conserve working through an otherwise boring commute may be used to unwind, relax and do more productive jobs. One of the most popular VPN alternative is HideMyAss  VPN .

The threat of not having and using a VPN is much: for one, based on where you are accessing the web from, you save some time since most sites will get accessible (time lost attempting to find options to some non-working websites, or trying to make a website that is not working because to location restrictions, work can quickly add up). Additionally, you are rest assured that your non-workplace work-related engagements will stay safe and will not be compromised, possibly costing you your job.

Utilize StayFocusd to Limit Your Own Browsing Activities

Many tech addicts are most likely aware of the StayFocusd chrome app, or even more of its other options. Basically, what it does is that it lets you to specify a time boundary for accessing particular websites in a day. When the time limit you specified expires, all the websites on your StayFocusd record will be blocked and unreachable for the day and even if in the event you attempt to prolong time and game the system, changes will only occur the following day. This is sometimes utilized to control addiction to social media websites or other sites.

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