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What is Your WORD for 2018?

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It’s the New Year and I am sure you are looking forward to a year full of successes, good health and getting one step closer to achieving your dreams.

Awesome! Me too. :)

But that also means that I now have a new to-do list and accomplish on my plate.

As if I did not have anything else to keep me busy…

The dark reality of the 21st century is that we have become 'human-doings' rather than 'human-beings'.

We have the most convenient gadgets at our fingertips and yet we barely have any free time.

It is rush-rush, run- run all the time.

And to top it all if you are type A, perfectionist Virgo like me, you are likely exhausting yourself to the point of dropping dead.


So my word for 2018 is FUN.

Funnily.... (no pun intended)- most people complain of not having enough fun.

Coz, guess what….if you wait for fun to come and FIND you, you’re out of luck my friend.

You got to CREATE fun in your life.

Waiting for that annual vacation to have fun, means slowly exhausting yourself while waiting for the vacation week to arrive.

Which means you got to learn how to HAVE fun in the MOMENT.

Nobody is going to serve you fun on a silver platter. Duh….

YOU got to BE more fun!

Gosh, if you dislike being alone, I’ve got bad news for you.

You are in boring company. ;)

When did you become so boring that you can’t stand your own company?

No matter whether what you choice of word for 2018 is….health, relationships, success, and entrepreneurship; if you are not having fun what’s the point?

You know that the more fun you have, the better you feel about yourself.

The better you feel, the better choices you make.

You will start eating healthier, move more, and perhaps even serve more.

And that in-turn increase your joy 10 fold. It becomes a cycle- albeit a pleasant one instead of one of frustration and overwhelm.

Here are some simple ways to incorporate more fun in your daily grind…..

1. Stop calling it a grind!

You got to do it anyway, so do it with a smile instead of a grumpy face. You will feel lighter instantly.

2. Listen to your favorite song.

There are a couple of songs that always bring a smile to my face, and I’m sure you have a few too. So go head and enjoy them regularly.

3. Call or text a friend a silly joke.

Making someone else smile always brings happiness back to you.

4. Observe people while waiting for the bus or running errands. I crack up so many times just noticing small nuances of people’s behaviors or habits.

5. Find a healthier version of your favorite food and treat yourself.

This way you can have your cake and eat it too.

When you feel you are being deprived, you are more motivated to stay on track with healthy eating.

6. Find a fun form of exercise.

I never was a gym person. But dancing is my source of joy.

How fun is it to burn off calories while doing your favorite activity?

7. Take up a hobby or choose to do your favorite thing at least once a week.

I’ve recently started painting, something I loved to do during school/ university days. And then life got in the way.

Now I can’t wait for the weekends to create at one if not more piece of my art.

Nothing beats the joy of creating something out of a blank canvas.

Disclaimer: I am artistic but no artist.......yet. Lol!

So no matter what your word for 2018 is- go for it full throttle.

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