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Living Comfortably in Savannah - The New Destination for Luxury Villas

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The small, beautiful city of Savannah in Georgia, has been seeing a rapid business growth. The once sleepy town has grown into of numerous industries in tourism, distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, the military, and technology startups. The city has grown along infusing a vitality that is increasingly drawing people to settle down in the city.

Easy access to a range of boutique shops, gourmet restaurants serving cuisines from across the globe and other walk-to facilities, the demand for housing in this region is seeing a steady uptrend. The historical and beautiful neighboring counties of Bryan, Chatham, and Effingham in southeastern Georgia have already experienced considerable growth. The city of Savannah that is the oldest city in Georgia, and a significant US Seaport sees a steady rise in building permits over the last few years. In 2016, a Comprehensive Plan was released by the city council that promises integrated and connected neighborhoods, thus adding to the allure of the city.

Bucking the national trend – bigger, the better

Unlike the rest of the country, housing prices are considerably lower, drawing people to invest in condominiums. Bucking the trend of buyers flocking to buy micro-housing, in Savannah, big is beautiful. Larger properties and greater square foot space are the norms. People are looking for family homes that are wonderful living spaces of outstanding quality and elegance. Living life king size is a growing trend.

A prospective home buyer, confirming this trend said, “I was swept off my foot at the amazing spaces, the wonderful architecture, elegant finishes, and the magnificent charm.” Real-estate investors are sitting up and considering these trends. The new constructions by home builders Savannah are accommodative of these aspirations and are creating neighborhoods that home buyers would be proud to move into. Buyers are definitely not looking at downsizing their expectations, instead of scouting for spaces that offer convenient lifestyles.

Public spaces are an essential consideration when buying homes. Savannah too has latched on to the trend of walking trails, woodlands, and resort-style living. A ride around the localities that are witnessing the largest growth in personal homes is a testimony to this. The southside and the Georgetown area, Richmond Hill, Wilmington Island are seeing well-rounded growth. Gated communities that are carefully crafted, villas that reflect an unwinding lifestyle, lakes, and lagoons for the landscape, and even golfing enclaves have come up around these places.

The Living Spaces

Buyers are now not only concerned about closet space and single-floor living but equally interested in what the outdoors have to offer. Outdoor kitchens and outdoor fireplaces are becoming the norm for almost all new villas in the region. Add to that the demand for integrated living spaces within the home. Open kitchens that integrate with the living room, a morning room, and family rooms that open to one another giving a sense of inclusiveness for all residents.

Clean, simple interiors that blend the modern with some elements of the traditional are becoming commonplace. With the growing trend of multiple generations occupying the same home once again, builders are incorporating wider passages and grab bars for the assistance of the seniors.

A porch is a must to enjoy your morning coffee. Porches are so much the in thing that across the country that according to a report by Citylab, they have seen a rise of 23% in demand in new homes as compared to sales two decades back. With that porch living style back in fashion, the need for utilizing outside spaces, of spaces that blend seamlessly with the interiors is also increasing in Savannah.

The Private Outdoors

Relaxing outdoors, catching up with family over a conversation, inviting friends over for a barbecue party, or some playing area for the little ones in your home, the outdoor occupies an increasing mind space now. The landscaping and design magazines are calling these the new trends of 2018 and companies are launching new products to fit those areas.

With the growth of outdoor kitchens, could fireplaces be left behind? To get that crackling fire going, villas are now being fitted with sophisticated and stylish fireplaces. Rustic fire pits near the patio are also becoming a trend. The outdoor kitchens now come with refrigerators, smokers, chillers, sinks, and in some cases even ovens and cooktops. Wicker and rattan chairs for the outdoor living spaces with color palettes to match your outdoors are available in customized designs with rugs and cushions to match. Builders are putting in smart lighting technologies like LED lamps and solar fittings to light up the exteriors in the evenings.

The Future of Housing Investment in the Savannah

Savannah is experiencing a strong economic revival. With a sustained growth in jobs, new builders are coming to the city and home construction acquiring pace. An idea of the increased prospects in the housing sector is the fact that demand is outpacing supply. A news report says that while around six-thousand units were constructed over the last three years, the number of new jobs added in the city is approximately eighteen thousand. If we estimate conservatively, if at least fifty percent of these new jobs would bring in people from outside the city, it leaves us with a massive shortfall. Therefore, prices in the region would remain steady and exhibit a healthy growth.

In addition, the inventory of houses available for sale is also quite balanced. This indicates that the builders are keeping pace with demand and there would be increasing demand for land parcels around the city. The downtown is seeing increased demand along the riverside. The city council is also promising to release surplus property that it holds. The Comprehensive Plan that was published in 2016 details the desired future for the Chatham – Savannah region, and has come up with extensive zoning regulations that not only dictate what sort of structures are permitted but also seeks to preserve the marshes and tidal creeks of East Chatham and maintain Savannah’s reputation as a well-planned city. With land use plans being formalized and mixed-use development encouraged, lot’s happening here.

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