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Teeth Problems? Dental Implants May Help

I suppose you might say I was a " Accidental Medical Tourist ".The word "Medical Tourism" didn't exist in people lexicon eight years back because it does now. I was a small business traveler who found himself with three open days on his calendar in Panama! The thought of three unproductive days in a foreign country gnawed at might work ethic like little else could. Being your small business owner, the expenses connected with three days of downtime when you add in hotel, meals, taxi's etc. were sobering! How could I use the time productively... I understand I'll look at the dentist and get that complete dental makeover I had been putting off! Sounds like a laugh I am aware but basically that's what happened Dental Implants Beverly Hills.

I'd visited many dentists in the states over the years to obtain treatment plans and cost estimates for the extensive work I needed. Needless to say I was horrified, estimates ran from $80,000.00 in Beverly Hills, on the top quality to $55,000.00 on the low. I met with dentists in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Florida within my trips there on other business, so the thought of meeting with another dental practitioner while from the country was only a tiny reach.I also must say that I have been involved with health care, on the pharmaceutical side for decades, knew top physicians around the world and had hired them as consultants for my I knew the lingo and lay of the land.

I'd done my homework regarding the entire world of dental implants, I learned that the entire field was discovered quite by accident, as numerous blockbuster pharmaceuticals had...can you say Viagra! It seemed that titanium fuses to bone and was a accidental discovery and the birth of the modern day dental implant. Then when I walked into my soon to be dentist's office in Panama, and had a workup and discussion of my options, he only half joked that "would I be thinking about helping out in a demonstration he was giving to his colleagues later that week ".

His practice was impressive, as nice as any on Park Ave. in Manhattan, his equipment was first rate, as were his associates. I also appreciated that he gave me three treatment plans $12,000.00 on the lower side to $20,000.00 with all the current bells and whistles. When I gave him my immediate answer to move forward with the only real caveat being that I'd an airplane to catch in three days, he paused for a moment and said O.K.!

I'm sure the truth that he'd their own lab on the premises had too much to do along with his decision considering the full time frame. I must say that most went better than my most optimistic expectations, didn't even need to get my prescription filled for the pain meds.That was a couple of years ago and I am still smiling! In addition I made my flight back home and the pictures of me at my daughters graduation are the sole ones of me smiling in a relatively good time.

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