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How To Correctly Use a Glass Pipe

If you are using a glass hand pipe for the first time, then there are some simple instructions that you will need to keep in mind, in order to ensure a seamless experience.

Insert your bowl, usually attached beside the water pipe, into the downstem of the tiger glass pipe wholesales, and add the herb that you desire. Usually, for first time or light users, the choice is cannabis.

Test out the water levels by adding water and slowly inhaling. If the water reaches your lips, there is too much of it.

Light up your herb, either with a hemp wick or with a lighter. If there is hardly any smoke at this stage, you might need to add more water.

Take a hit, remove your bowl, and then take as many more hits as you can. Enjoy safely!
Glass Water Pipe Types

Glass Water Pipe come with many design and brands, The most effect way to use a water pipe is select the right percolators, The percolator have so many functions it work as water heat exchange and filters,

There four major type of water pipe percus,

Arm Tree Percs – normally it looks like a tree have branch falling down, with many smaller pipe holes face down, it the more the diffusion and filtration the more branches.

Matrix Percus – This percus so alike the showerhead percolators work as same.

Showhead Percs – the percolator looks like a round showerhead, with many holes, the holes help to increase diffusion and filtration. It work very well.

Honeycomb percs – it like hone bee comb, it glass filter with so many small holes, it will creat bubblers inside the pipe, increase interaction between the smoke and water.
Next time we will tell me more Glass Waterpipe, Beef jerky and Spaceships.

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